Commercial housekeeping service

The maid service at GEM is a team of high-performance professionals who care about the quality of their work. For these housekeepers, nothing is more important than customer satisfaction. Then give GEM all your household chores for a quality result.

Residential, commercial, residential and commercial household cleaning … All services taken into account by GEM, housekeeping specialist Montreal Montreal and surroundings. Thanks to professionals well trained in cleaning techniques and tool handling, you benefit from an expertise that meets your expectations.

Housekeeping Residential, and Commercial:  Nothing is more motivating for our workers than knowing a satisfied customer of the work done.

Why appeal to a multitude of stakeholders when you could entrust GEM with all these household chores?

Group the realization of this work at a single provider! For your utmost satisfaction, make GEM your only speaker who can ensure throughout the year the continuity of a high quality service and à la carte! Maid

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Commercial housekeeping service: The commercial cleaning company GEM is involved in the maintenance of all types of business premises: factory cleaning, office cleaning, building cleaning, shop cleaning …

With many years of experience in the market, GEM is today able to respond to specific requests related to the particularities of the customer’s activity.

It has developed a sector know-how that allows it to offer cutting-edge techniques adapted to the sector of activity in which it operates.

Whether for a one-time intervention or for a long-term collaboration, the level of requirement and professionalism provided by GEM Quebec’s agents remains the same! Indeed, it is this attention to detail and the qualitative approach that is today the strength of the cleaning company. Housekeeping Service, Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Commercial Housekeeping

Our cleaning know-how and our experience make it possible to offer you unequaled results, at more than competitive price.

Throughout your relationship with GEM ménage, you are followed by a dedicated customer manager, who is the guarantor of your satisfaction. He will call you regularly to monitor the quality of the services provided and ensure your complete satisfaction.Commercial Cleaning

For all requests for intervention, the technicians offer you free and customized quotations in less than 48 hours! Housekeeping service, office cleaning, Commercial Cleaning

Our experience and our mastery of the method ensure you the best cleaning every time. Let yourself be amazed by the power of our cleaning to maintain your premises!

Trust our cleaning specialists and entrust your premises to our renowned experts contact us today! Commercial housekeeping service

Commercial Housekeeping Service Plan:

  • Dust all horizontal, vertical surfaces.
  • Empty the trash.
  • Empty the recycling bins and deposit the contents at the agreed place.
  • Placing plastic bags, the contents of the bins and their evacuation.
  • Dusting and cleaning of offices, blinds, tables and all types of furniture.
  • Dusting and cleaning computers, photocopiers, all office equipment.
  • Kitchen countertop cleaning, cupboards, sink and electro from the outside.
  • Dusting cabinets, chairs and chairs.
  • Cleaning traces on doors, skirting boards, windows and walls.
  • Bathroom cleaning: sinks, sinks, lavatories, urinals, soap and mirror faucets.
  • Clean and disinfect the door handles.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of carpets, rugs and rugs.
  • Mop passage dry / Vacuum passage.
  • Wash floors, Wet mop.
  • Housekeeping Service, Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Commercial Housekeeping


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