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This website has been built to conform with the highest accessibility standards. We have however chosen only to conform to the checkpoints that the wider standards community feel are in keeping with the intentions of the W3C now that technologies have advanced since the guidelines conception. For example Access Keys have been dropped from the site due to their conflicts with many mainstream screen readers.

This website is xHTML 1.0 complaint

This website's CSS will not validate due to the use of the ZOOM property and Box Model Hacks. ZOOM and the Box Model hacks have been used to make Internet Explorer behave like other complaint browsers.


We recommend that users view this website in a more recent browser than Internet Explorer 6 for Windows such as Firefox, Safari or Opera.


This website is accompanied by two stylesheets.

  • The first is our default and has been designed around our company brand.
  • The second has an alternative layout and larger text. [Flash disabled]

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