Peace Bridge Pedestrian Movement

The main aim of the Peace Bridge project was the construction of a new iconic foot and cycle bridge that will act as a catalyst for change, joining the city physically and promoting interaction and engagement among communities.  The Peace Bridge was officially opened on 25th June 2011, contributing to building better communities by providing the physical linkage between the east and west bank of the city and facilitating access to new shared public space.  This was evidenced in the cross community attendance at the events organsied at Ebrington Square, including Peace One day Concert and Clipper Concerts. 

Research completed to date includes a baseline attitudinal survey and monitoring of pedestrian movement across the Peace Bridge.
Movement across the Peace Bridge

The number of people crossing the Peace Bridge is collected through a real-time counters installed on the bridge.

  • In the opening week of the Peace Bridge it is estimated that 100,000 people crossed the bridge
  • At the end of June 2013 there has been 1,891,000 movements across the Peace Bridge
  • Since the peace bridge opened there has been consistent pedestrian flows from both sides of the city
  • The Peace Bridge has been especially popular during Bank Holiday and school break periods
    • over 7,000 pedestrians in one day

The following bar chart shows the daily pedestrian flow during June 2013:


Monthly pedestrian movement will be updated within one week of the month end.

Pedestrian and cyclist movement for June 2013 can be accessed below:

Peace Bridge - June 2013.pdf

Pedestrian movement in Q2 2013 is reported below: 

Peace Bridge - Apr-Jun 2013.pdf

Information on the quarter July 2013 to September 2013 will be reported in the first week of October 2013.

Cyclist movement across the Peace Bridge

The number of cyclists crossing the Peace Bridge is collected through a real-time counter.  The direction of cyclists for June 2013 is shown below.