One City One Plan One Voice was developed in response to the Ministerial call "to create and promote a deliverable vision for regeneration of the Derry City Council area, to secure the commitment of all stakeholders to that vision and to pursue single-mindedly its implementation". Importantly, it represents an opportunity to move towards a joint economic development and regeneration strategy for all sectors in the North West.

The mission of the One Plan is:

"to deliver renewal - economic, physical and social, building a stronger and more vibrant economy with increased prosperity for our City and Region, in ways which ensure that opportunities and benefits from regeneration are targeted towards the most deprived groups in our communities".

One-Plan-(2).JPG One Plan for Derry~Londonderry
One Plan executive summary
Ilex Baseline Report ‘Today and Tomorrow’
Integrated Transport Strategy
Education Resource Paper




One Plan Review Day - 14th December 2012

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Regeneration Plan Terms of Reference and Timelines 

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Draft Regeneration Plan launch presentation (with speakers notes) - September 16th 2010

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Draft Regeneration Plan Publications

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