How to find the best mechanic shop

How to find the best mechanic shop

It’s best for a car owner to find the best mechanic shop before the car develops issues. Experiencing a major repair problem with the car is not the best time to take the time to look for the best mechanic shop.

The task of finding the best mechanic shop becomes easier by doing the following tips and guidelines:

Ask for referrals

Asking for referrals from family members, neighbours, friends, and co-workers often offers the best way to get a good mechanical shop. Their word-of-mouth recommendation saves you time and effort than scouting through your area or doing online research. Their experience with the recommended mechanic shop is often an honest referral.

Scout around

Hasty decisions that are made during emergencies often cost more while putting up with shoddy work. The best time to look for the best mechanic shop is before any car emergencies happen. Going this route allows you a lot of time to scout around and end up with the best mechanic shop.

Online research

Doing online research is also a good way to find the best mechanic shop. Check out review websites that publish unbiased and honest reviews of other people. Check out the official websites of local mechanic shops. Read customer reviews for you to gauge their experiences with the shop.

Check out the social media platforms of mechanic shops. Read highly-detailed reviews that seem authentic. Compare the various reviews of your shortlisted mechanic shops. Find out their customer service ratings. This will give you an idea about the reliability of their services.

Visit the shop and ask questions

Take time to visit potential mechanic shops. Don’t be afraid to ask about their warranties, credentials, customer service policies, and experience. It’s better to make a list of questions before you start visiting mechanic shops.

Mechanic shops that offer customer guarantees and warranties on parts should be on top of your list.

Meet the mechanic who will handle your car repair

Other than being state-certified, a mechanic that is also certified by car manufacturers is someone worth considering. Meet the mechanic who will handle your car repair and ask for his/her certifications. While good mechanic shops have affiliations, it’s the certificate/s of the mechanic that counts.

Ask the shop for affiliations

A good auto shop should show affiliations. Quality service is pre-screened by affiliations. A shop that shows quality service affiliations is always closely monitored and required to sign an agreement agreeing to provide customers with high-quality services.

Some affiliations also demand reputable mechanic shops to maintain a high standard of customer service and follow a code of ethics. Some insight into the operations of the mechanic shop can be researched online.

Don’t base your decision on price rates

Often, a cheaper price rate is the one chosen by many customers. The best way to understand the cost or services and repair is by doing some research. It allows you to understand the price quoted by potential mechanic shops. Cheaper rates often mean minimal work and paying for unnecessary services and car parts may mean higher estimates.

The task of choosing where to get a car service in Brendale can be challenging but not that hard. The best way to gauge the services offered by potential mechanic shops is to ask the right questions. Choosing well can lead to a long-term with the mechanic and the car shop.

Modification Ideas for your Truck

Modification Ideas for your Truck

Owning a truck provides you with a unique opportunity to gear up your ride exactly the way you want. Vehicles are designed to be versatile; hence you can equip with unique mods for more power, safety, comfort and more. Whether you are involved in off-road adventures, long road trips or heavy-duty lifting, plenty of customisation options are available for you to choose what works for you or what’s trending in the truck markets. Here are some of the after-market truck upgrades that might interest you.

All-terrain tires

Give your truck an off-road capability with all-terrain tires and take your ride to the next level. Tires wear out over the years if you are a frequent traveller when it’s time to renew use all-terrain tires for durability and to allow your truck to handle off-road dirt with ease. They are guaranteed to last longer, so if you are planning to own the car for quite some time, they could be a better option for your truck modification.

Lift kit

Pickup trucks are big vehicles but can be a challenge cutting through during snowfall or through muddy roads. Lift kits will allow your car to enjoy higher ground clearance, plus, allow for more tire configurations. Lifting your truck may make your driving over muddy roads easy, but suspensions deny your car the drivelines and rob your vehicle the horsepower it deserves. Before lifting your vehicle, consider that it will decrease the resale value.

Step bar

If you modify your truck with a lift kit, it is also practical to add a step bar as well to make climbing the car easier for the passengers and the driver. Even without a lift kit, step bars are essential in your truck. Some step bars even close when the doors are closed. Only be sure to be diligent enough while shopping for step bars because some may be susceptible to bending or cracking.

Cold air intake

New air intake for your truck can be a bang for truck modifications in the market. For efficiency and more power, replace your old restrictive air intake with an improved air intake system. Introducing cooler air to the combustion, you increase the horsepower and fuel efficiency.

Custom exhaust

Combined with a new air intake system, your car can do marvel. Long-distance travelling can be detrimental, but with custom exhaust, you can beat all the odds and extend its lifespan for more years.

Heavy-duty hitch

If you are planning heavy tow equipment, the heavy-duty hitch can be a useful modification that ever happened to your truck. It allows your vehicle to tow all sorts of heavy things without causing issues to your car. It can drag heavy objects like the RVs, boats or ATV with ease.


Owning a pickup truck is extremely useful, especially the ability to store your items on the truck bed. But leaving your tools and items exposed can be dangerous due to theft or weather elements. Storing them in front will limit the space for passengers. By installing a toolbox to your truck, your truck will look neat and provide safe storage for your items.

Led light bars

Improve your driving experience with an extra set of bar lights, especially if you often drive at night. The bars will help illuminate the surrounding for clear vision.

Information on 4×4 Accessories

Information on 4×4 Accessories

Four-wheel vehicle, four-wheel drive, 4WD or 4×4 (read as four by four) is a vehicle with two axles whose drivetrain can provide force of movement to all four wheels at the same time. In some cases, these vehicles are linked with a transfer case which provides another driving shaft and sometimes even extra gear ranges.

There are different types of 4×4 vehicles:

  • 4×4/4WD
  • 4×2/2WD
  • Part-time 4WD
  • Full-time 4WD
  • Automatic four-wheel drive (A4WD)
  • Shift on the Fly 4WD
  • All-Wheel Drive (AWD)

Accessories that can be used for or put on these vehicles include:

  • Air compressors and type accessories
  • Air lockers
  • Bull bars
  • Camping accessories
  • Canopies
  • Driving lights
  • Dual battery
  • Rear protection
  • Side rails and steps
  • Safari Snorkels
  • Towing
  • Wheel Carriers
  • Roof bars
  • Roof racks
  • UTE Lids
  • Winches

Bull Bars are used to protect unsafe mechanical parts against animal attacks. They are also a strong base for other accessories that can be put on a 4×4, such as lights or winches. Winches are mostly used when vehicle is unexpectedly stuck in mud or the desert, but also when sudden rain storms hit while on the mountain.

Dual batteries can come in handy when a vehicle is used for camping trips, as it is a reliable source of power.

Driving lights are a needed accessory for night driving, especially for those off-road trips which are more dangerous, or when driving in bad weather and extreme conditions.

Like driving lights being a must for night driving, safari snorkels are a must for wilderness trips. Their role is to make sure water is not going into the airbox, the inside of the vehicle, and the engine when crossing rivers or flooded areas. It also works in dusty dry areas by keeping dust from the same parts.

When it comes to driving in remote areas, side rails and side steps offer good protection of the lower zone of the vehicle from debris and rocks found on the road. Besides protecting the vehicle, rails also make accessing the vehicle a lot easier. Side steps are also great to use for getting into and out of the vehicle. They are also good for keeping mud out. Accessories used to protect the back of the 4×4 include rear protection, towing, and various kinds of wheel carriers.

If a 4×4 vehicle is used for traveling to a remote camping ground or any travel for which extra storage is required, canopies are the most suitable accessory available. They are almost always rainproof if not even snow proof, and extremely flexible. A replacement for conventional canopies are UTE lids. Additionally, more storage can be added by putting roof bars or roof racks on top of the 4×4 vehicle. They are usually used for bags that can sustain certain amount of water or other gear which is not suitable to keep inside the cabin.