Reasons for using mini digger

An excavator has to easily take care of tasks such as landscaping, brush cutting, digging, demolition, lifting, trenching, placement, and more. The excavator with its full rotating 360-degree chassis and boom makes it an important piece of equipment in almost all construction projects.

However, not all job sites are large and wide to readily accommodate heavy-duty excavators. As more and more residences and businesses use up their available spaces, working on small and tight areas is the result.

Mini diggers offer the perfect solution when it comes to excavating jobs on narrow and hard-to-reach areas. It does not matter whether the project is small or big in Melbourne. What matters is using Melbourne mini diggers to quickly and easily do the job.

The increasing popularity of compact or mini diggers is because of the multiple advantages they provide, to include:


Small size

The small and tight areas that big-sized excavators will never be able to access are readily worked on by mini diggers. The compact size of the mini diggers weighing between the ranges of 3-4 tons easily lift and dig things in small spaces that big machines are unable to do.


Unique characteristics

The features integrated with the compact diggers may not be something new. What makes the features unique is having the bigger machines’ zero tail swing design, backfill blade, and centre pivot boom wrapped in a small package. This means that mini diggers have the power to handle excavating jobs as their big brothers.  Their compactness gives them an edge when it comes to narrow and cramped spaces.



Fuel expenses can burn a big hole in the budget of a project. Not with the fuel-efficient mini diggers, making them the right piece of machine in any small and big construction work. Additionally, the small carbon imprint of these small machines is friendly to the environment as well.


The ability to attach various pieces of equipment to compact diggers makes them a flexible machine to have on any job site. Improved productivity in the job site is achieved when attachments such as large buckets are attached to the mini digger. Pumping more hydraulic fluid per minute is the outstanding feature that allows various attachments to be added to this small machine.


Automatic shift

Manual shift is fast becoming outmoded in big excavators as an automatic shift becomes the norm. This is not limited to heavy-duty excavators as the technology is also being integrated into the compact diggers. Having an automatic shift increases the efficiency of these small machines as well as reducing fuel costs.


Projects easily handled by mini diggers


A variety of construction jobs can be handled by mini diggers even when they are generally used for small to medium-sized work. Some of the projects they can handle include:

  • Snow ploughing
  • Dig ponds, foundations, and holes
  • Remove tree stumps and level ground
  • Backfilling and drilling
  • Demolish small structures, concrete, steel, and asphalt


The full range of motion exhibited by large excavators is with the mini diggers as well. Dumping and loading become quick and easy jobs for the compact diggers with cabs capable of turning a full 360 degrees. ABC Excavations are leading Melbourne mini diggers who have different equipment that can effectivelywork on a variety of digging tasks.




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