Tips for purchasing bar glass washer

It is essential to maintain hygiene and efficiency in the Hospitality Management industry. If you run a bar or restaurant, you must purchase a bar glass washer. This equipment helps ensure that your glassware is Spotless and makes cleaning efficient. It allows bartenders to create delightful concoctions for the clients and leave the glasses cleaning in the bar glass washer.

Things to keep in mind before purchasing bar glass washers

A bar glass washer helps maintain the bar and restaurant’s cleanliness and hygiene standards. Clean and sparkling glasses create a great first impression on the customers. It improves the aesthetics and helps present the beverages in the right way.

Imagine going to a bar that has got relatively dirty glasses. It can significantly impact customer satisfaction. The following are some of the benefits of using a bar glass washer.

  • Manually washing glasses is a labour-intensive process and is quite time-consuming. On the other hand, bar glass washers can reduce the cleaning time and allow bartenders to focus on serving the customers rather than cleaning glasses.
  • The glass washer ensures that all glassware is clean uniformly, eliminating any risk of human error in washing and drying.
  • It also ensures proper hygiene because the machine uses high-temperature water and powerful detergent to eliminate dirt and bacteria. It provides a higher level of cleanliness and hygiene compared to manual washing.
  • Although it might seem like an initial investment, a bar glass washer can provide long-term labour and detergent cost savings.

Once you purchase a bar glass washer, you must maintain it the right way to ensure its longevity.

Tips to help you keep the bar glass washer

Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning the bar glass washer is essential. You will have to clean its interior and exterior components carefully. Ensure you give special attention to the filters, the sprays and the detergent dispenser.

It is common for manual deposits to build up in the machine, especially if you are washing the glasses with hard water. The key is to use descaling products to maintain the glass washer and prevent further damage.

It is essential to inspect the components of the glass washer. The sprays and the nozzles are prone to wear and tear. Make sure to replace the damaged parts immediately to prevent any further problems. Using only the recommended detergent in the manufacturer’s manual is also essential. Using the wrong detergent could lead to the build-up of Residue and cause the machine to malfunction.

It is necessary to pre-rinse the glasses if you want to achieve optimal results. Ensure you remove large food particles from the glass before loading them into the washer. It can help prevent clogging and ensures better cleaning. Packing the glasses properly is essential so there is no overcrowding. Avoid keeping the glasses next to each other because it can lead to improper cleaning.

You must also ensure the water temperature is set according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Having the right temperature plays an essential role in effective cleaning and sanitization.

These things will allow you to make the most of your industry leading bar glass washer.

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